PF mobile in opera issue

by rock.freak667
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Mar9-11, 06:00 AM
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I've read the forum announcements and I see that there is now a PF mobile for the mobile version of browsers. However, is there any way for me to use Opera on my laptop and get the normal desktop version of the site back?

(Currently I am on my laptop seeing the mobile version of PF in Opera)
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Greg Bernhardt
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Mar9-11, 08:21 AM
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how about now?
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Mar9-11, 08:52 AM
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Quote Quote by Greg Bernhardt View Post
how about now?
Nope, same PF Mobile page coming up.

Link showing it:

jack action
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Mar9-11, 10:06 AM
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PF mobile in opera issue

I had the same problem.

Here's what I did:
  • right-click a page while browsing the site and select "Edit site preferences"
  • select the "network" tab
  • At "browser identification", select "Identify as Firefox" (or any other that will work for you)
  • Reload the page

Every time you'll come back to that site (and that site only), Opera will present itself as the chosen browser. You won't need to ever think about it.

More info here:
And here:

It happens often on websites that don't consider Opera when programming their pages. Too bad, because Opera is the best browser I ever used.
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Mar9-11, 10:28 AM
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Thanks jack, that worked quite well.
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Mar9-11, 02:32 PM
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But obviously it is a systematic problem. I guess for some reason PF thinks Opera always means Opera mobile or mini Opera or whatever it is called. We have Opera installed on three computers, PF is not displayed correctly on neither of them.

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