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What Should I Study for Midterm?

by Drinknderive
Tags: analytic, complex, functions, integrals, series
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Mar14-11, 11:33 PM
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Textbook is 'complex variables and applications' by Brown

We are covering:
CH.1 - complex numbers
CH.2 - analytic functions
CH.3 - elementary functions
CH.4 - integrals
CH.5 - series

i'm looking for a pattern of topics in the replies that will indicate what I should study.

Please let me know what your teachers emphasized or what you personally would.

Thanks =)
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Mar15-11, 06:12 AM
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It seems to me that what you should study is what your teacher emphasized. I recommend going over old homework and, especially, exams.
Mar26-11, 03:49 PM
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Without knowing what your teacher said, I would say past homeworks and the notes you took. When I was in school some of my colleagues liked notecards as well.

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