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Complaint Thred deleted with no notice to the posters?

by I_am_learning
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Apr5-11, 09:05 PM
I_am_learning's Avatar
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Yesterday, a new guy was posting some threads in Electrical Engineering one of which was regarding transformers. I got interested in it and had posted a line. The question seemed ununderstandable to me. Is that the reason why it was deleted?
I don't care if its deleted for some reasons, but I was in view that atleast the posters should be informed so that they don't keep searching it.
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Apr5-11, 09:19 PM
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It wasn't a real poster, it was just a spammer.
Apr5-11, 09:43 PM
I_am_learning's Avatar
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I see. I had a feel for it. It (we use 'it' for spammer) was posting too many threads.

Apr6-11, 02:00 AM
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Thred deleted with no notice to the posters?

His posts were copies of questions posted on other sites, like

Try this google search to see for yourself.

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