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How to build a pancake DC Motor?

by bspraggins
Tags: build, motor, pancake
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May14-11, 08:44 AM
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I need to build a micro pancake DC Motor. I actually need 32 of them connected in a line with one power supply. The motors need to be about the size of a dime. Could someone write me a how to guide on how this can be done. It is for a prototype.
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Bob S
May14-11, 04:09 PM
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You might buy a miniature pancake motor and take it apart. See

In 1960, Feynman (the physicist) offered a $1000 prize to the first person who could build an electric motor less than 1/64" in size. Someone did, and it was sitting in a glass case in the Cal Tech Physics Dept. for many years. It was a 3 phase brushless induction motor. It was under a microscope so you could watch it spin when you pressed the switch.

Bob S

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