Need a third year project ASAP!!

by ldefeo1
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Jun6-11, 03:28 PM
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hi guys i need to think up a project to do as my dissertation next year. i had to choose but unfortunately i didnt get any of my options.

i spoke to the guy who i wanted to do a project with originally and he said he would be happy to take me onto a similar project though if i can think of one.

this is the project i was interested in:

Spatial Temporal Awareness of a UAV
The project is about programming a realtime navigation system and environmental modelling that enables navigation of a simulated UAV using known terrain features. To study the problem, everything is to be done in simulation only using physical engine and Simulink based sEnglish/Jason programming of the onboard agent. Camera operation will be simulated in terms of objects recognized on the ground. The project is to focus on the interpretation of the world, not on computer vision algorithms, that will be assumed available off the shelf. The onboard agent will use the interpreted world to make decisions to achieve mission objectives under constraints.

i think UAV's are very interesting and they hopefully should be a blossoming industry as i graduate so i wish to specialise in them.

can anyone dream up a similar project i could do for 1 year that i could propose to the professor. some goals and content would be nice

much appreciated guys!

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Jun15-11, 09:40 PM
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You can do some path finding stuff in Matlab. Take the classical mouse in a maze and expand upon it. I had some friends who transformed it into a firefighter rescue program. The purpose was to have a firefighter search through a burning building, 2-d, to save a terrified kid. There were varying levels of intensity of fire patches, both the kid and the firefighter moved around these, and the kid progressively made bad decisions while the firefighter made better ones. My friends got this done in a week, they're pretty good at Matlab, so you can do a more advanced pathfinding project if you expand on this.

Or you could do something on adaptability. Build a predator vs. prey program. The predator has certain attributes to allow it to catch the prey and the prey has attributes to allow it to escape the predator. Let them "learn" from each other and evolve adaptations. You could even build robots using the arduino PLCs. Give each one different sensors and see if you can get some fuzzy logic in there.

Good luck

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