Micro-Black Holes

by kcajrenreb
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Aug16-11, 11:33 PM
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Have we ever observed microscopic black holes in the LHC?
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Aug17-11, 03:53 AM
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Quote Quote by kcajrenreb View Post
Have we ever observed microscopic black holes in the LHC?
You'd hear about it if we had.
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Aug17-11, 11:33 AM
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At the energy levels used at the LHC, any microblack hole created would effectively instantly be turned into energy via Hawking radiation.

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Aug17-11, 12:12 PM
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Micro-Black Holes

Therefore making it impossible, or improbable to observe a microscopic black hole?
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Aug17-11, 02:30 PM
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Essentially, although I suppose a particle physicist could talk about the differences in what we detect in particle collisions verses what we would detect in a black hole vaporization scenario.

I remember hearing a statistic that high energy cosmic rays should produce hundreds of micro black holes a year, but none have ever been directly detected. I don't think it is really an area of current research due to the fact that it is such a rare phenomenae which is extremely hard to detect.
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Sep7-11, 07:39 AM
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When a massive star orbits a supermassive black hole eccentrically, it can be accelerate to relartivistic speeds when it approaches the black hole. We have seen these dramatic u turns by stars in elegant work done over many years. Question, could these accelerating stars cross the threshhold for becoming black holes due to increased kinetic energy and hence mass?
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Sep7-11, 03:58 PM
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Bodies do not form black holes due to relativistic mass increase. In its own reference frame, it has only rest mass energy and will not form a black hole unless that mass is concentrated in a volume smaller than its Schwarzschild limit. If it is not a black hole in one reference frame, it is not a black hole in any reference frame.

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