Unparticle Physics

by med17k
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Sep13-11, 05:05 AM
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What does the degrees of freedom of this theory look like?If the theory doesn't describe particles then what does it describe?
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Sep13-11, 03:44 PM
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You should give a reference to what you are trying to talk about.
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Sep13-11, 04:00 PM
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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unparticle_physics .This is a theory proposed by georgi . that represent a scale invariant sector in the standard model .It describes matter that is not described by particles but I can't understand how is that so.How can this type of matter be not composed of particles .

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Sep16-11, 11:05 AM
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Unparticle Physics

You might find this overview of unparticles helpful.

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