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Aircraft Propeller

by kb24
Tags: aircraft, propeller
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Oct4-11, 05:26 AM
P: 10
Hi all,

May i know anyone here have been involve in aircraft propeller balancing before? i was requested to do test on aircraft propeller static & dynamic balancing using Bruel & Kjaer vibration equipment. May i know anyone have any experience with it and mind to share with me? thanks
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Ariel Ace AD
Nov3-11, 11:01 AM
P: 4
Hey atleast some one knows where i can or how i can make a very simple but quite efficient propeller??? PLEASE!!!!
Nov9-11, 08:53 AM
P: 276
Strobe light, crayon/chalk, and a camera.

I've seen a strobe type car wheel spin balancer taken apart and repurposed for this.

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