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Are the leaves on an apple tree and the sap edible? What about other plants?

by dimensionless
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Nov12-11, 08:12 AM
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I know the seeds are mildly poisonous, but what about the leaves? What about the leaves of other trees like, orange trees, plum trees, maple trees, ground banana tree leaves, etc? If the bark of a tree is edible, does that imply that it's leaves, seeds, and sap are edible as well? Vice versa? There are also some foods that are somewhat toxic, such as acorns, but they are better when prepared a certain way. Certainly there are many perfectly edible plant parts, such as kiwi skins, that are ordinarily disposed of. Can anyone comment on this topic?
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Nov12-11, 02:02 PM
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No, I wouldn't assert that because one part of a species is edible, that anther part also is. Or even that the part on other species would be edible.

I don't know about apples, but the nightshade, for instance has several varieties of plants that range from edible to lethal, and different parts are edible on different plants.

It all depends on strategies the plant developed over time through mutation and selection; at times, poisoning things that eat it are advantageous. Others times, having something of benefit is advantageous (bees like pollen, so bees pollenate flowers)
Nov12-11, 02:14 PM
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Edible by who/what? Some items that are delicious for some animals are poison for humans and the other way 'round.

For instance, I love walnuts but it's my understanding that if you feed them to a horse it will likely die.

Nov20-11, 01:08 AM
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Are the leaves on an apple tree and the sap edible? What about other plants?

Apple leaves will just make you sick (if you are referring to the standard grocery store kind.) You have to eat at least a quart of the apple seeds for them to be poisonous. (In some herbal remedies, they are advised for cancer.) The other parts won't kill you; just make you sick. (and I'm assuming you are referring to a human.)

But this is just for apple trees. Raspberry leaf has several medicinal uses, the fruit is food, but the root will make you ill. As the other people said, every plant is different.
Nov20-11, 08:27 AM
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You are all correct. A fruit is a part of a plant that has evolved to be eaten. The rest of the plant has evolved to not be eaten.
Nov20-11, 08:53 AM
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Quote Quote by dimensionless View Post
You are all correct.
So why did you ask?

Was this a test?

Did we pass?

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