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What can a fresh EU physics graduate do in the UK?

by Lavabug
Tags: fresh, graduate, physics
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Nov20-11, 05:42 AM
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I've been searching for msc/msc+phd funding in the UK for quite a while but it seems the most I can obtain is a tuition waiver as I don't meet the residency requirements for a living stipend of any sort (3 years in the UK). Consequently I am reconsidering my career options upon graduating and thinking of just getting a job (next year, which I hope to do complete in the UK (ICL) as an erasmus student if funding permits). What can I do as a EU national in the UK as a recent physics graduate, with no prior technical work experience? What kind of jobs are available to me? I do not have programming experience (though I will be taking a fortran/mathematica/matlab based computational physics course this year), but I have some minor know-how with mathematica and Origin.

My ultimate goal is to meet the requirements for full msc funding or enroll in a msc part-time, and possibly consider a phd afterwards, but everything right now seems to indicate I should concentrate on making a stable living. I don't really have any financial support to further my education.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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Nov20-11, 08:01 AM
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Have you considered studying towards an MSc elsewhere in Europe, say, France or Germany? You can always go to the UK for your PhD after that's what you want. Germany is going to cost much, much less than anywhere in the UK, as far as taught programs go.

Nov20-11, 08:50 AM
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I have, and have looked at a few other institutions that offer msc's in English (mainly the ones my uni has an erasmus agreement with, such as Copenhagen), but the problem is the same: no living stipend for non-nationals, only tuition waivers for EU students in the best of cases.

I should've added that I'm also set on emigrating to work in the UK, msc or no msc.

Nov21-11, 08:54 AM
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What can a fresh EU physics graduate do in the UK?

Physics graduates in the UK generally go into accountancy, finance, consulting and investment banking (only if it's at a target university though). Check Unistats (Google it) as it gives a fairly accurate breakdown of what physics graduates form each university go into.

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