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Xilinx software to sketch AND and OR gates

by sami23
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Jan21-12, 04:47 PM
P: 76
1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
In the Xilinx software symbol library (student edition version 10.1), the maximum number of inputs for AND and OR gates is 9. What would you do if a 10-input AND and OR gates are needed? Draw the schematic diagrams and show the connections.

2. Relevant equations
(a1+a2+....+a10)=(a1+a2+....+a9) +a10

Boolean Equations:
AND: multiply each input = output
OR: add each input = output

3. The attempt at a solution
Put the AND operations to 9 AND input and then pass the output to the two inputs with another input as a10.

Similar thing can be done to OR gates.

I have attached my attempt sketch. It looks like I have 11 inputs in total and I need 10. How can I sketch the connections of the 10-input gates?
Attached Thumbnails
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Jan21-12, 09:29 PM
P: 584
Xilinx ISE has a notation for something we might call a "bus". It is a name follow by an interval specifier. See the example below.

Jan21-12, 09:33 PM
P: 584
So you could label each dangling wire, and then connect all ten wires together to a bus named "a(9:0)" just as the bus "Avail(3:0)" picture above.

Jan21-12, 10:58 PM
P: 76
Xilinx software to sketch AND and OR gates

I think I need to take two 5-input AND gates and connect the 10-inputs. Then take 1 2-input AND gate and connect output of two gates to the input of gate. Will the whole system function as a 10 input AND gate?

How do I represent that? I've attached my attempt
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