Could a "Black Hole" be the cycle of "Dark Matter" powered by "Dar Energy:?

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Jun4-12, 09:59 PM
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Could the "black hole" be like a cycle for "dark matter". So lets say "Dark Energy" is what transports "Dark Matter". So all a black whole is, is a huge amount of energy pulling in "Dark Matter" and pushing it out to the edge of the galaxy for it to repeat its cycle again. "Dark Energy" is the force that drives the gravity in " Dark Matter" itself. It is probably wrong but it makes more sense that there is a cycle and it is moving, not just energy sitting there not being used. "Dark Energy" is faster then light. Because Light can not escape the force of "Dark Energy". I am 14, home and sick, reading space books. Sorry if it sounds amateur.
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Jun4-12, 10:07 PM
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No, I'm sorry but all of that is very wrong. Black holes, have almost nothing to do with dark matter or dark energy, and dark energy and dark matter have nothing to do with each other.

Dark energy acts over very large scales - millions and millions of light years. Black holes are very tiny objects by comparison, and the two have no interaction.

Dark matter would fall into a black hole if it passed too close, but there's not enough known about what dark matter actually is to say if a black hole could form from dark matter (probably not).
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Jun4-12, 10:08 PM
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You will probably want to hear it from an astrophysicist, but they have already accounted for black holes when they counted the mass of the galaxy. They have found that regular matter is at best 1/5 of the mass in our galaxy, and black holes are included in regular matter.

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Jun4-12, 10:56 PM
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Could a "Black Hole" be the cycle of "Dark Matter" powered by "Dar Energy:?

I would read up on each of those three topics a lot more. Even though they might sound similar, they are in fact all drastically different idea from one another. Just reading the wikipedia page would probably give you enough information to see where your informational gaps are.

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