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Finding the thrust of the spring.

by Kiely
Tags: hooke's law, springs, tension, thrust
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Oct17-12, 10:44 AM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data
A spring of modulus 80 N and natural length 60 cm compressed to a length of 35 cm. find the thrust produced.

2. Relevant equations
Is thrust the opposite of tension? Do we use T=-λ/initial length x (final length-initial length) ? Or do we just solve it without adding a negative sign?

3. The attempt at a solution
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Oct18-12, 08:32 AM
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Hi Kiely!
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Is thrust the opposite of tension?
Yes, it's just a fancy word for force (or compression).

And why bother with a sign? you know it'll be positive, so just write:
T=(80/0.6)x(0.60 - 0.35)

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