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Coaxial cables and displacement current

by DaTario
Tags: cables, coaxial, current, displacement
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Nov10-12, 05:57 PM
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Hi All,

Consider a situation in which a coaxial cable have electric current i(t) = Imax * cos(w*t) flowing through its cilindrical inner cylindrical core (with radius a) and the inverse current flowing on its surface cover (with radius b).
I would like to know if it is correct to say that, outside de cable (r > b), we will see not only zero current effects (due to obvious cancelation) but also zero displacement current effects.

I hope my explanation could have achieved the necessary clarity.

Best wishes,

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Nov11-12, 11:24 AM
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By "effects"in the OP I mean effects in the magnetic field B generated by the cable. In other word my question is:
with current i varying in time, the magnetic field produced by the cable outside it is zero?

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