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Centre of gravity of a submerged body?

by derRoboter
Tags: buoyancy, centre of mass, submerged
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Nov23-12, 08:36 AM
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Hi guys,

I can't get my head around the centre of mass of a submerged body at all. the notes ive been given don't actually state how you calculate the centre of mass of the submerged body at all and just state it with no decernable pattern. I did assume that it was the centre of mass of that which is not submerged but that doesn't seem to be the case according to some of the diagrams I've been provided with.

how do i find this point?

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Nov23-12, 11:31 AM
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Why would the center of mass of an object have anything to do with whether or not it is submerged or above ground or in outer space?
Doc Al
Nov23-12, 12:12 PM
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Perhaps you are thinking of the center of buoyancy, not center of mass?

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