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Cross sectional area of cylinder?

by ElectricMile
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Mar2-05, 12:41 AM
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using Darcys law....

...what is Cross sectional area of cylinder?
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Mar2-05, 04:47 AM
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1.Who's Darcy...?
2.What kind of cylinder are you talking about...?
3.How is that cross-section performed...?

A graph and an explanation about this guy & his law wuld be helpful for everyone.Don't u find weird that nobody gave a reply in 4 hours...?

Mar2-05, 07:02 AM
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How does the study of waterflow through porous media relate to the cross sectional area of a cylinder (which would depend on how you take the cross section)?

Mar2-05, 09:35 AM
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Cross sectional area of cylinder?

Here's what I found googling "Darcy's Law":

"Darcy's Law is a generalized relationship for flow in porous media. It shows the volumetric flow rate is a function of the flow area, elevation, fluid pressure and a proportionality constant. It may be stated in several different forms depending on the flow conditions. Since its discovery, it has been found valid for any Newtonian fluid. Likewise, while it was established under saturated flow conditions, it may be adjusted to account for unsaturated and multiphase flow. The following outlines its common forms and assumes water is the working fluid unless otherwise stated."

I don't know how you would use that to find the cross sectional area of a cylinder!

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