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Location of 5' UTR?

by hivesaeed4
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Feb5-13, 12:23 AM
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Suppose we have a sequence of nucleotides 1 - 1430.

The gene is from 606 - 1430.
The mRNA is from 606-1170. So is the exon (i.e. its 606-1170).
The CDS is from 990-1170.

What would be the location of the 5' and 3' UTR's?

I think the 5' UTR would be 606-990 and the 3' UTR would be 1170-1430 respectively.

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Feb5-13, 07:17 PM
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The 3' UTR is part of the mRNA, so 1170-1430 cannot be the 3'UTR if the mRNA ends at nucleotide 1170.

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