Wisdom The Albatross - A New Mom At 62 Years Old!

by lisab
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Feb6-13, 09:37 AM
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The world’s oldest known living wild bird at age 62 gave birth to a healthy chick that hatched Sunday, challenging the conventional wisdom about how long birds remain fertile.

This bird, named Wisdom by scientists who stuck a tag on her ankle years ago, has lived longer than the average Laysan albatross, which dies at less than half her age.

Hmmm....a mom at 62. Not sure how wise that is.

She was in the news a few years ago for surviving a tsunami:


She's now my favorite Albatross .
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Feb6-13, 10:33 AM
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I wonder how old that is in human years? I'm happy for her. She's flown 3 million miles since she was first tagged? Wow.

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