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Does Jupiters moon Io exhibit plate tectonics?

by willstaruss22
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Feb16-13, 09:55 AM
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From what i understand Io is extreamly active on geologically. So does it also produce plate tectonics?
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Feb16-13, 11:38 AM
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I browsed google a bit and came up with conflicting answers. Here's two of the sources I looked at.

From here:

Although there is no direct evidence of tectonic activity on Io, scientists feel confident it exists since the processes that fuel volcanism also fuel tectonics. The volcanic eruptions are so frequent and cover the surface so thoroughly that any clear evidence of tectonic activity is likely to be buried.
From here:

Correlation of Map Units: Fig. 2 shows the
stratigraphic relationship of map units. The oldest materials
exposed at the surface are crustal materials that
have been uplifted to form the various mountain units.
Our mapping and other studies support the hypothesis
of [5] that the accumulation of volcanic materials on
the surface causes compression of the upper crust,
eventually leading to tectonic fracturing, faulting, and
uplift of crustal blocks forming mountains (our Lineated
Mountain material).
So I'd guess that tectonic activity does take place, but I don't know about Plate Tectonics.

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