Meaning of specifications for SDS rotary hammers?

by Stephen Tashi
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Stephen Tashi
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Mar24-13, 11:32 PM
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Online, I see SDS-plus chuck rotary hammers with specifications like "Makita 1 inch D-Handle SDS-PLUS". What does the "1 inch" specify?

I think the shanks of all SDS-plus bits have the same dimensions. So does the "1 inch" refer to the largest diameter bit that is recommended for use with the hammer? Wouldn't a 1 1/16 diameter SDS-pus bit fit in the chuck of a "1-inch" SDS-plus hammer? Or does "1 inch" refer to the length of the hammer stroke?
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Mar26-13, 07:22 PM
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You are correct that all sds+ shanks are the same size, and the 1" is the maximum recommended diameter bit.
A larger bit will fit, but may overwork the drill motor. Always use a drill motor rated for a larger diameter than you are going to use.

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