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LHC Contractors

by fonz
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Apr2-13, 03:35 PM
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I have just been reading about the latest LHC shutdown and the upgrades and tests being carried out.

I currently work in the oil & gas industry as an instrument designer having previously worked in petrochemical, pharmaceuticals, ammunitions manufacturing, food and beverage plus more. I like to switch industries every so often just to try and cover the full spectrum of engineering. Actually what is interesting is that despite the production and process differences the instrumentation generally doesn't tend to vary a great deal or at least the measurement principles don't of course.

I would be interested to know how CERN operate in terms of managing and implementing their turnarounds. I've been trying to find out myself which companies were contracted to build the LHC and who the principle engineering and design contractors were for the project (I assume it wasn't CERN engineers alone). In the Oil and Gas industry generally the big oil companies offer E&C (engineering & construction) contracts to companies such as Petrofac, Amec, Wood Group PSN etc. which is how I made my debut in the industry. Does anybody know if CERN operate in a similar way?

If so I might make some enquiries because in terms of career development in instrumentation this would be a massive opportunity.

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Apr2-13, 05:39 PM
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I'd suggest starting here.

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