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Shear calculation for round pipe

by Bernard Dubois
Tags: calculation, pipe, shear
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Bernard Dubois
Apr8-13, 10:31 PM
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Can someone please help me.

I have a pipe 200mmOD x 160mmID welded to a Steel structure
The pipe is 100mm long with a 12mm plate x 250Dia welded at the end of the pipe.
The steel structure weighs 7500Kg
I have to lift the structure with a crane. The crane has a cable with a loop which can fit around the pipe.


Will the pipe be strong enough given the standard safety lifting requirement is 2.5:1

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Apr9-13, 12:58 AM
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It's not clear from your description how this lift is to be accomplished. Is there one pipe or more than one pipe? What is the size of the structure being lifted? Where are the pipe or pipes located on the structure with respect to the c.g. of the structure?

IMO, you should engage an engineer to review your lift plans.

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