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by Rajini
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Apr23-13, 08:47 AM
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Hello all,
Coming week will go for an interview. I need to know some of the basic information of the following.
1. characterization and chemical analysis of cementititous materials, and engineering materials by XRD, SEM, XRF, etc.
2. Some details on Metal Structure Behaviour and Fatigue & Fracture.
Please help me by giving some good websites, links, free online resources, etc related to the information above. Just basic would be enough. At present I have no access to books so give me only the websites.
Thanks and regards, Rajini.
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Apr23-13, 08:56 AM
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You can look up the terms SEM (scanning electron microscope?), XRD (X-Ray Diffraction?) and XRF (X-Ray Flourescence?) for starters on wikipedia and from there follow the eternal references to other resources:
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Apr23-13, 09:13 AM
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Hi Jedishrfu,
Thanks for your help. But regarding methods I am familiar... But I just need to know how these instruments are applied chemical analysis and characterization of cementititous materials.
Regards, Rajini.
PS: I am actually a Materials scientist/Physicist. But need to know how can these techniques be applied to civil related stuffs..

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