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How to measure the location of Gamma ray burst ?

by goldfishCUPHY
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Apr25-13, 05:34 AM
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I have read articles about the GRB measurement using X-ray from afterglow. The article tells that the gamma ray provides poor directional information.Why?
How can we use X-ray for measurement?
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Apr25-13, 06:40 AM
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There is no (reasonable) way to work with mirrors or lenses to handle gamma rays. With X-rays, it is possible to guide them. In addition, there is more time to observe the afterglow.
May2-13, 06:54 PM
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A related news item: There is a recent discovery using satellites to measure Gamma Rays from storm clouds. It is called a Terrestrial Gamma Flash (TGF). Since the detecting satellites were above the source there must be some known directionality or receiving acceptance angle cone since they report the source was shown to be in a thunderstorm, beneath the satellites.

"We present the very first simultaneous detection from space of a terrestrial gamma-ray flash (TGF) and the optical signal from lightning. By fortuitous coincidence two independent satellites passed less than 300 km from the thunderstorm system that produced a TGF that lasted 70 Ás. Together with two independent measurements of radio emissions we have an unprecedented coverage of the event. We find that the TGF was produced deep in the thundercloud at the initial stage of an intracloud (IC) lightning before the leader reached the cloud top and extended horizontally. A strong radio pulse was produced by the TGF itself. This is the first time the sequence of radio pulses, TGF and optical emissions in an IC lightning flash has been identified."
Geophysical research letters. Dark lightning
terrestrial gamma-ray flashes

May3-13, 03:16 AM
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How to measure the location of Gamma ray burst ?

Gamma rays can release high-energetic electrons if they hit material, and the direction of those electrons can be measured. It is not as precise as a camera, however.

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