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Creating new organs for transplantation?

by Government$
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May10-13, 02:01 PM
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Is there planned research that tries to create new organ for transplantation? So when someone needs a new organ e.g. kidney, instead of finding a donor, scientists could create an organ form stem cells perhaps. Is this even psychically possible?

Reason i ask this question is that i watched on TV about two months ago, a 22 year old girl getting a new heart. Transplantation was success but follow up costs are around 20,000€ which is huge amount of money, considering that average pay where i live is around 4800€. Besides that life expectancy for people with heart transplant is not so great, about 10 years or so. That is probably because body is trying to destroy foreign organ, but if doctors could somehow create organ from stem cells maybe patients could go back to being normal or close to normal, with higher life expectancy.

Edit: I wanted to post this in medical sciences forum, but accidental i posted it in biology forum.
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May10-13, 02:15 PM
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Is this even psychically possible?
There is no fundamental reason why it should be impossible.

There are attempts to do this, but they will need a lot of time until the first human gets a fully functional, lab-grown organ. <- this is quite advanced
May10-13, 02:21 PM
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Personally, I think the future lies in synthetic substitutes, rather than real, new organs.
To have a fully functional metal leg ought to be cheaper (and why should we have to grow all those hair on our new walking device??

May10-13, 02:37 PM
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Creating new organs for transplantation?

I have a number of threads about this, since I am fascinated with this area of research.

Here is an article to get you started, I haven't checked for updates recently. We have a mentor, Ryan, and a few members that are very knowledgeable in this area.|0-0

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