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Acid number help

by Rajini
Tags: acid, number
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May10-13, 11:51 PM
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Dear PF users,

We know what is meant by acid number and softening point for resins.
If it is mentioned as acid number is 8W60 and softening point is 130W180 C, I am just confused what about 'W' in between those numbers..

Thanks for your reply.
Regards, Rajini.
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May15-13, 10:33 AM
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Is that nomenclature coming from your resin supplier? If yes, which one? Could the 'w' be a misprint perhaps? It might have been meant to be a hyphen, for example.
May30-13, 04:09 AM
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Hi Chemistree,
Yes, it is a misprint of some Japanese patent application. 8W30 should be read as 8~30 (8 to 30). When look in to PDF file my doubt got cleared.
Thanks, Rajini.

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