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Triple integral

by physicsss
Tags: integral, triple
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Apr1-05, 01:48 PM
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A cone of height h and base radius r has density equal to distance from its base. Find it's center of mass.

How do I write a function for the density? Is it p=h-z? And what are the limits of r if I want to do this in cylindrical coordinates?

Thanks in adv.
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Apr1-05, 03:29 PM
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Your density p increases with h
h is along the z axis.

x = rcos(theta), y=rsin(theta) z = z.

The density increases with base, so assuming the base sits on the xy plane, your density will just be linear to z. p=z. The Your limit for r I think would just be 0,R since it is an undefined base. Same with height, 0,h

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