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How to calculate the magnitude of force when some force is applied at far away distan

by indianmc
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Sep16-05, 07:20 AM
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my question is at particular pont on any object some force has been applied. or it will experience a couple or moentum. how to calculate the force at some distance away from that particular point whare exactly the force has been applied.
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Sep16-05, 11:34 AM
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The concept of "static equilibrium" or "dynamic equilibrium" applies to finding forces and moments in a body. Basically, to find the resultant forces and/or moments at a location far from where they are applied, you add all forces and moments up in the directions they are applied.

For example, a force applied perpendicular to a line that runs from the point of interest to the point where the force intercepts that radial line, creates a moment around that point equal to the length of the perpendicular line times the force. The force also produces a direct force on that point in the same direction and the same magnitude as the force.

Here's a few web sites that goes over some of this stuff.

Or just google "static equilibrium" or "dynamic equilibrium"

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