effect on electron in magnetic field

by xiangyu7
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Oct10-05, 06:42 AM
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Here's a question that i'm quite confused about:

A uniform constant magnetic field is directed into the page. An electron of constant mass and charge follows a clockwise spiral of decreasing radius path. Is the particle spead increasing or slowing down? and Why?
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Oct10-05, 06:59 AM
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I see two forces here (sort of, one is a consequense of the other):

1st force (the real one): The electromagnetic force
Look at what you have:
B-field, velocity, charge (its an electron)

2nd force (implied in the motion): Centripital Force
What the first force is doing. Set the two equal. See what happens when you vary radius.

Don't forget Centripital force= mass x centripital acceleration

That should get you through the problem.


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