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    Mag 5.8 (upgraded from 5.6) Earthquake, Pawnee, Oklahoma

    New news on the subject.
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    Space Stuff and Launch Info

    I had figured it was just random artifact business going on, I only mentioned it because I'm watching how the hardware fares in the radiation environment. They don't expect the cam to survive most of the orbits so I watch for degradation (Definitely have the "hot pixel" look as opposed to the...
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    News Why most TV programs are so fake?

    What is this TV you speak of ? o_O
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    Space Stuff and Launch Info

    When I heard about that, the first thing that came to mind was the opening scenes in "Heavy Metal" where the 'Vette does a reentry. from a shuttle. Makes me wonder what his long term plans are for the payload. One must admit it's going to be great advertising for his cars, if it makes it into...
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    Space Stuff and Launch Info :smile:
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    Stargazing U.S. Solar Eclipse of Aug. 21, 2017

    Couldn't resist posting this article. I'm particularly amused at the guy who watched without protection, but hedged his bet by only looking with one eye, guess loosing half is better than all but still...
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    Space Stuff and Launch Info

    A piece that's not only timely but relevant.
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    B Can Jupiter be ignited?

    The staff is doing an admirable job of answering your question(s), why would you want to take an argumentative stance and have your thread locked? that seems rather counterproductive. o_O
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    I Dawn dead in Ceres orbit, ran out of fuel Oct 2018

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    Space Stuff and Launch Info

    This is worth zooming in, note the red and blue noise in the bottom left corner. "The image was taken on Oct. 24, 2017 at 11:11 a.m. PDT (2:11 p.m. EDT), as Juno performed its ninth close flyby of Jupiter...
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    I Europa Clipper Interplanetary Mission

    At this point it's still a "go", should be an interesting mission. The SLS is a direct shot rather than a gravity assist, thus much shorter cruise period.
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    Comment by '1oldman2' in media 'Wizard of Oz, Scarecrow's Mathematical Error... - YouTube'

    I seem to have something in common with this clip, another case of "Disorganized thinking".
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    Which ancient civilizations are you most interested in?

    I agree wholeheartedly, here's an article that is an interesting mashup of Particle Physics as well as Egyptian history. :smile:
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    McNamara's 100 megaton bomb?

    A visual approach to the test, Some more background.
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    Space Stuff and Launch Info

    A few more highlights for November.