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    What are the primary problems that plague alternative energies? (beside economic)

    Topher925 said, So did your research on these high altitude "windmills" continue or was the task impractical. Just curious, how exactly did you plan on keeping them up in the air, balloons or something, or would the wind turbines generate their own power to keep them up in the air? What...
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    What are the primary problems that plague alternative energies? (beside economic)

    I know that economics must play a large part in determining why alternative energies aren't as effective as burning oil. Oil is cheaper. I'm an electrical engineering student and I'm curious about some of problems plaguing the alternative energy business. Ie. Solar, Wind, Geothermal, ect...One...
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    Does anyone know about Quantum Computing?

    Just wondering if anyone on this forum has an extensive knowledge that they would like to share. I've heard that the basic concept in quantum computing has something to do with representing binary information with a variable 1 or 0. Something like that. I was trying to follow but it was very...
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    Question about Calculus III

    If Calculus I is differential Calculus and Calculus II is Integral Calculus then what does calculus III entail.
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    Help with Magnetic Field Questions

    Homework Statement Two long, parallel wires are attracted to each other by a force per unit length of 335 µN/m when are separated by a vertical distance of 0.460 m. The current in the upper wire is 20.0 A to the right. Determine the location of the line in the plane of the two wires along...