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    Calculus Book for complementing differential equations

    That book is ~100 old and is barely readable. A modern alternative would be Elementary Euclidean Geometry by C G Gibson.
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    Insights Name the Science Book Author - Comments

    Lowest with 6/15 :cry:
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    Prob/Stats Books on Machine Learning without a strong math background required

    How about and ?
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    Super Blue Blood Moon

    Yes that's what happened to me. I missed the beginning, it was cool but not as good as last year's solar eclipse.
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    Super Blue Blood Moon

    I saw the whole eclipse except a bit of beginning but I didn't any blood or red colour. It was all white for me.
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    I Understanding an integral

    Unless I made a sign error I think the best you can do is $$ \int \frac{d^3\phi}{dx^3} \psi dx + \int \dfrac{d^3\psi}{dx^3} \phi dx = \psi \dfrac{d^2 \phi}{ dx^2} - \dfrac{d\psi}{dx} \dfrac{d \phi}{ dx} + \dfrac{d^2\psi}{dx^2} \phi $$
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    I Understanding an integral

    Meh ... my try : $$\int \frac{d^3\phi}{dx^3} \psi dx = \psi \dfrac{d^2 \phi}{ dx^2} - \int \dfrac{d\psi}{dx} \dfrac{d^2 \phi}{ dx^2} dx = \psi \dfrac{d^2 \phi}{ dx^2} - \left( \dfrac{d\psi}{dx} \dfrac{d \phi}{ dx}-\int \dfrac{d^2\psi}{dx^2} \dfrac{d \phi}{ dx} dx\right) \\= \psi \dfrac{d^2...
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    Simple oxidation state

    True. I messed it up, no excuses :(.
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    Simple oxidation state

    Of which element ?
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    Contest: Educational experience account (win a book!) 1/24-2/7

    Sadly nothing has changed over 28 years. It is still all the same ...
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    Plasma Which order should I read these in?

    So which book will you be reading ?
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    Plasma Which order should I read these in?

    So many books :)):)); how much did it cost ? If I were you then I would have read yellow book about Topology.
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    NaOH Vs C2H5-OH

    ##C_2H_5OH+H_2O--->C_2H_6O+H_2O## is wrong. Ethanol does (partially)dissociate into hydroxyl group and alkyl group, just that this dissociation does not happen in plain water. In nucleophilic substitution reactions (ethanol mainly undergoes SN2) -OH of ethanol is partially dissociated from...
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    Quantum Ticciati's QFT Book

    From the aforementioned book : The prerequisites for this presentations are (1) familiarity with Hilbert-space formalism of quantum mechanics (2) assimilation of basic principles of special relativity (3) a goodly measure of mathematical maturity
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    Intro Math Best book for understanding arithmetic?

    Russell, Cantor, Zermelo, Gödel += Frege, Whitehead.