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    B Questions on how helicopters fly

    Whitestar, if you try and get your kite to fly by running in a circle as if you are standing on the tip of the blades with the wind representing your helicopter flying in one direction, you and your kite will feel more wind and get more lift when you are running into the wind [as the blades on...
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    B Spatial curvature around a spherically symmetric mass

    In addition to Bianchi and Schwartzchild, let's not forget Webster: "Farther" (distance); "Further" (additional). 8-)
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    I Relativity of simultaneity doubt

    Lukka98, Perhaps this may help resolve your problem #1: OT observes the light from each lightning strike at different times because OT was no longer at a location equidistant from both lightning strikes at the time the light from both strikes reached OT. Let's stop time when the lightning...
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    I Solution to Zeno's Paradox

    PeroK, My goal of receiving feedback that confirms or denies my logic based perception has been accomplished by learning of the math based confirmation discovered centuries before I did. Next, I will invent a solution for turning oranges into juice. Thanks.
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    I Solution to Zeno's Paradox

    PeroK, Does the math that has been used against Zeno's paradox describe my perception that infinite measurements between two halfway points does not necessitate infinite distance between the two points? Are you implying that the perception that infinite measurements between two halfway points...
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    I Solution to Zeno's Paradox

    PeroK, Logic, rationalism, empiricism, and math have been successful methods for distinguishing between fact and fiction for millennia. Understanding only the later does not exclude the others from their ability and prevents discussion with those who are using them. Long live apples, oranges...
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    I Solution to Zeno's Paradox

    Andrewkirk, The cited paradox wording and the discussions over the centuries about it obviously presents an apparent contradiction. So, we already know that there is a contradiction and what that contradiction is, so stating the type of paradox and restating the contradiction in the OP or in a...
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    I Solution to Zeno's Paradox

    A paradox cannot be solved merely by choosing to reject one of the two elements. You must find a valid reason (logical flaw) in one of the two elements in the paradox. Again, paradoxes can't be solved by deciding which element you like, and the simplicity of one element does not demonstrate...
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    I Solution to Zeno's Paradox

    Zeno's paradox claims that you can never reach your destination or catch up to a moving object by moving faster than the object because you would have to travel half way to your destination an infinite number of times. The two conflicting elements in this paradox are: 1) We do reach...
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    B Why does it require an infinite amount of energy to reach the speed of light?

    Layperson's question: Is it true that an object with mass can never travel as fast as an object that has no mass? If true, does this fact answer the question?
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    What are these wires that are connecting powerlines?

    If the looped wires are for worker safety, I believe the initial question that has been answered by describing the wires as providing a short circuit to protect workers would more accurately, and more specifically, be described as bonding wires, which connect both cables so that any existing...
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    How can evaporative cooling air conditioning work?

    Dear questioner, try this: Given that the evaporation predominates control over the resulting air temperature [making the air temperature lower], all other factors become trivial and irrelevant to whether the resulting air temperature will be higher or lower because the other factors will have...
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    B How does the observable Universe have meaning?

    Because observations can be made at places other than on earth, and the purpose of the term "observable universe" -- which is used to limit the scope of the user's comment to apply only to an observable portion of the universe as opposed to an unobservable portion -- is also appropriate at other...
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    Why do objects always rotate about their centre of mass?

    A mass rotates around its CM because rotating around its CM is the only rotation point that doesn't require an additional counter-balancing force, which would be necessary to maintain rotation around any non-CM point.
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    Earth's Spinning Speed

    Others have answered the "why don't we feel it" question, so I'll answer the different speeds at different logitudinal locations question. The layman's answer is that different logitudinal locations on the earth's surface are travelling at different speeds because the closer a location is to a...