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    Word Challenge

    I don't know if this is correct, but let me try's my list: rope robe rode role rose rote dote dole dome done dope dose doze daze faze gaze laze maze raze race rage rake rape rare rate rite bite cite kite mite site side sire lire dire fire hire...
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    News Does the US stand for democracy in the world?

    Very true :smile: Without this how can it be called 'democracy' then? nice one :approve:
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    What is on your Christmas list?

    a new laptop...geeeeeeezz this one's stinks! and a new beginning ....
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    Try to look em in the Lost & Found section dear. What does a nickel say to a penny?
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    Wolram site is funny

    hahahhaah :rofl::tongue2:
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    A Drawing In Progress

    hahahah...:rofl: there's just one 'little' comparison between me and Betty though. Betty insists to have her little demitasse of coffee three times a day and I average 7 to 10 cups a day and you can say I'm one hell of a coffeeholic :rofl:...but i am :biggrin:
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    Can I quit smoking? Can we?

    yeah...lost times, but thanks been coping now and doing great since he died 4 years ago....just miss him sometimes, but life has to go on and i'm fine:smile:
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    Wolram site is funny

    just keep off from the spams wolram. ur opening windows for em :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: (just jokin' man!...psst...just tell me where's the photo gallery, i'll post my nude pics...ahhhhahaha :rofl:)
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    News Anarchy, again.

    :wink: i know you'll figure it out :wink:
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    Can I quit smoking? Can we?

    TRUE. My husband said in his death bed, "I should have quit when I had the chance. Sorry." Need I say more? :(
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    A Drawing In Progress

    hey zoob..:smile: not sure to do this for me??? If yes, thanks a lot and feel honored though...If not, I do appreaciate the work not only this but ALL. You're really a genius zooby:smile: ...when is the exhibit? :biggrin:
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    Immortality would you consider it?

    :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: No worry, least you have a lot of time to find out the cure for baldness :smile: but yes, i will so that i could do things more and discover more. but nevertheless i would still like to die and rest afterwards...and to me that's more immortal than staying alive...
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    News Anarchy, again.

    Anarchy is a state of non-governance and lawlessness. What was happenning in Christiania and zapatismo are called consensus democracy therefore far from what anarchy means. We Filipinos called what happened in 1986 as 'revolution' in transition to good governance from a 'not so good'...
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    Get Well Whozum!

    will hugs and kisses do? well Whozum! i also got a little boy myself, thus i thought i knew how Gale feels. Gale, he will get better :smile:
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    Count the letters

    hahhahah :smile: maybe they're not cross-eyed thus in mistake they see a 'v' instead of an 'f' or maybe they're blind coz they really did'nt see the word 'of' at all! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: (just jokin' man..:smile: ) its a COMMON MISTAKE while readin a sound-like letter or word where the...