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    Pulley (Equal Weights)

    The energy the person exerts to raise himself up h would cause the bag of sand to move up h, since he would be exerting a force F, which would just cause the bag of sand to move up, while he remained in one place
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    +/- Duality?

    When you start applying it to force and other equations, i you get a negative answer then you know its an attractive force, if its a positive answer its a repulsive force. Yes, calling electrons negative and protons positive is arbitrary, but they need to be positive and negative, not one unit...
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    Please help! i dont know what to do!

    you mean electric field, not force since its just one charge, not 2
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    Effective Spring Constant

    3 identical masses and four identical springs are set up as shown (m=mass ~=spring |=fixed point) |~m~m~m~| the two outside masses are displaced equally inwards. What is the effective spring constant of this system. attempt at solution: using FBDs F=-2kx on each individual outside mass middle...