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    What is the point of studying maths at a very high level?

    I only learnt advanced Math to help me think in a certain way (I like physics and I program applications on a computer). Training your brain to think in a logical manner is very useful application in my opinion and is a highly transferable skill.
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    Circumference of a 4-sphere

    Is it just coincedence that 2∏r × ∏r2 =2∏2r3
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    News The Ultimate Loss of Civil Liberties: Innocent Man Shot Dead in UK

    Cheers for the heads up arildno :smile: It'll be interesting to see what conclusions they arrive at.
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    VB Project: 20 Greatest Mathematicians

    Pascal & Pythagoras?
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    Should The Galaxy Have Been Colonized By Now?

    There is another possibility for a great silence and that is the 'Alien lifeforms' may communicate via lightwaves or scent like some of the lifeforms on Earth do.
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    Math Fun Day!

    How about something along the lines of an old Bagatelle type game? It would be easy to make. A piece of plywood with small nails hammered partly the way through it. A number of small balls Numbered slots at the bottom for the ball to drop into. You could have theme games like playing...
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    Can Everything be Reduced to Pure Physics?

    Why would you think this? Is it just your gut feeling? A twist of percerption based on a personal philosophy? Or something else?
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    News Civil war in Iraq,,3-1782808,00.html Things are going to start getting even hotter.
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    News Civil war in Iraq

    It may be a solution just to let them kill each other. I know it sounds a bit callus but if the hatred is insurmountable (neither side willing to accommodate the other for any reason) then what other choices are available? If the UN or any other country thinks it has a right to intervine...
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    News Civil war in Iraq

    What are the main contentions between Sunni's and Shiites? Is it similar to the problems between Protestants and Catholics? Some stupid differences in interperating a religious text? If it is then I've got no sympathy for them because I've have no tolorance for that kind of stupidity.
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    New Orleans: pestilent vs chemical plagues

    What are the possiblilities of a pandemic occuring throughout the USA from what is happening in New Orleans?
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    Identification of an object in the sky

    Also, how regular was the flashing (this might help to find out if the observation was of artificial origin)
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    Why do people misunderstand each other sometimes?

    Chocolate does that and I bet you like chocolate.
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    Why do people misunderstand each other sometimes?

    Lisa! how can you NOT like bananas ???? Is it the taste? The texture?
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    Old Oklahoma City conspiracy theory; any engineers out there?

    Do you realise how few people actually understand this concept?