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    Inner product

    Thanks. Although using my definition for the standard inner product I had to use \langle a , b \rangle = a^t \bar{y}, but it all worked out in the end.
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    Inner product

    Is there a non-ugly proof of the following identity: \langle Ax,y \rangle = \langle x,A^*y \rangle where A is an nxn matrix over, say, \mathbb{C}, A* is its conjugate transpose, and \langle \cdot , \cdot \rangle is the standard inner product on \mathbb{C} ^n.
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    Computer Science = helpful?

    Yeah, I agree, Java is an OK intro to programming language, but it's not an excellent language in general.
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    I want to study real physics where to start?

    Umm, you mean Real and Complex Analysis by Rudin? For a highschool student aspiring to learn physics? Are you mad?
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    Courses How do you deal with courses you just hate?

    Because they are boring as hell. :wink:
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    Oh the joys of grading

    In one of the papers I marked, the student listed all the primes to brute force a question. Good thing there are only like 15 primes. :wink:
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    How many integers from 1 through 99,999 is the sum of their digits = 9?

    Aren't they simply those integers divisible by 9? So there should be 99,999/9 of them.
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    Forums groups not collapsing/expanding in Prime

    They did. You could switch to the other skin, collapse them, and switch back.
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    What will they think of next?

    I think it was pretty cool. :approve:
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    Forums groups not collapsing/expanding in Prime

    The title says it all. Just wanted to point it out.
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    I hurt my back

    Ah, thanks. :biggrin: :blushing:
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    I hurt my back

    Good luck! :smile: Haha - I know what you mean!
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    I hurt my back

    Oops, I thought the term chiropractor meant "bone doctor." I guess I was wrong; should I have used orthopedician instead?
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    Roommate that gets allowance

    I'm 19 and I get allowance. (I have a part-time job during school, and ideally a full-time job otherwise.) Where I'm from, it's perfectly natural for your parents to take care of you financially until you get your degree. Then it's your turn to work your ass off so they can retire with luxury...