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    Water filtration thumping problem

    SITRIP: Well, Problem fixed. Yes, I know I posted "problem fixed" in post # 9 but now repeatability has been verified to be a-ok and nothing blew up to take half the county with it... I called the mfg. told indicated the make and model, the guy asked me in so many words what was it like back...
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    Alternatives to creeping contacts for high frequencies

    Tom, that was a good first pass, I would like to see your second pass! :oldsmile: Maxim, I still am a bit confused on the operating freq. Is it 18 Mhz or 850? I could break out my EE handbook, ARRL reference book, and other relevant materials and have a go at your project. Without knowing the...
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    Water filtration thumping problem

    Those are really good questions for the manufacturer to be sure concerning permeability functions and filter sizes. Looks like my #1 problem stopped with evacuating the tank and pressurizing the bottom side of the bladder to 7.5 PSI. Tomorrow I am going to call the manufacturer for some...
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    Water filtration thumping problem

    AK_NC I like your hanger philosophy. :) I do not know what the house input pressure is. Would it be located outside where they read the usage? Anyway, it flows just about like any regular house, good nuff for a spray nozzle to wash a car. So this is what I did. I went and bought a...
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    Water filtration thumping problem

    Thank you anorlunda, Yes indeed. I forgot to mention that I do have a water dampener under the sink before any cold water outputs or appliances. Yes, as a petroleum engineer, mostly drilling, this thumping or hammering was one of my first thoughts. Alas, then I would open up the output valve I...
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    Water filtration thumping problem

    The source is from the city water system that supplies the cold water to the main faucet. The passive "switch" or one way/2 way valves is connected to the main 2.5 gal tank and the 3 filters. It is about 1 inch high and 4" in for Y and X. The two vertical filters are cylindrical pre-filters...
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    Water filtration thumping problem

    I have an old under the sink H2O water filtration system. Its main components are 2 cylinder type filters, one 2.5 gal. storage tank, one passive mechanical "switch" plus a birds nest of plastic tubing with zero leaks anywhere. The output (dispenser) is your standard gooseneck type with a...
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    Hola, Hello, Konbanwa, Namaste

    Welcome and congratulations on your studies!
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    Comment by 'Electron Spin' in media 'The Map of Physics - YouTube'

    This should be the opener in any beginning physic class. Well done Sir.
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    Is it OK to write the resistance in parallel like this?

    A bit off track but in // r's the total network R should always be smaller than the smallest resistor in ohms. Also, a network has no P/S whereas a circuit has a power supply. And again what Jimbo said... R total = the sum of the reciprocals, reciprocated. You can use the same formula for...
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    Announcement Please take the 2017 PF Betterment Survey

    Dear Sire Bernhardt, I will be happy to take a one off you hands if you got a spare...i require a size 13 7/8X or larger for a shirt, pants and a tent for night for my wife and 13 young'ins..We live under under an overpass ..Anything helps! :redface: Any non perishable canned food would...
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    Just here for your Astrophysics jokes

    Awww ,,,, shucks-a-ronnie... ,, THANK YOU SIRE Salnam! :)
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    Varying frequency of an LED drive circuit

    I would first consider Using a operational amplifier config. As for our good friend berkman mentioned for any of the 3 mentioned needed effects, using of course the appropriate peripheral outboarded components
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    Just here for your Astrophysics jokes

    Sire Dave, I'll say it fer' ya'... I am the joke! :redface:
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    Just here for your Astrophysics jokes

    :oldconfused: How d ya' know tha' little poochy do not like gravity? If it did, it would be a space dawgy! :oldfrown: float'in all around, spin'in and such... :angel: