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    Summer Plans

    Just curious, has anyone ever done something like this. Or has any professor's here just taken a student as part-time help for the summer. I guess I like to just have some conformation on this because I here of people doing full time internships with students but not usually part time.
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    Summer Plans

    Hi! This summer I would like to do something extracurricular within physics. I'm taking classes this summer to catch up in credits due to transferring so I dont really have time to get an internship. But I was wondering if it would be ok to contact a professor who has a similiar research...
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    SoI'm dropping out, what should I do?

    Thats kinda what I assumed it was when I read it. Hahaha.
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    Unusual Change in Academic Plans

    Wow, this is the same thing I wanna do! I have actually even been looking at USC for grad school, amongst others. Sorry I dont have any advice for you, but I'm curious what your application looked like to USC (ie. what kinds GPA did you get). Since I will be applying to grad scool this upcoming...
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    The scholarship ?

    Which scholarship?
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    Programs Whats your major GPA .Be honest

    I have heard this before, maybe the GPA's were lower in the 60's because of Veitnam. Maybe its just a conspiracy theory but I've heard that colleges back then made it harder to stay in college due to the draft.
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    What can you do with your summer if you dont get an internship

    What kind of things can you that would look better than working at Mcdonalds all summer. Are there any jobs you can get that arent really internships but still look pretty descent on a resume?
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    Programs What can I do with a BSc. Degree in Physics

    I think alot of people get into it with the intention of pursuing a PHd but then realize after through going there undergrad or maybe an REU, that a PHd is just not for them but they still want to use there physics background.Alteast thats the case with me, I just cant see myself getting a PHd...
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    Inverse Laplace Transform homework

    Homework Statement 1/s^5 Homework Equations I was thinking I need to use n!/s^n+1 The Attempt at a Solution But n would then be 4, so n! will be 24. Not sure what to do?
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    A pendulum problem

    At what point are you considering?
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    Physics 11 problem 19

    Good work!
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    Physics 11 problem 16

    So whats his change in p
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    Physics 11 problem 16

    The change in the momentum of the tackle? What was his original p and what was his final p.
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    Physics 11 problem 19

    write out the equation like in the last problem. Fortunately that is your only unknown.
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    Physics 11 problem 16

    yes, thats right!