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What can you do with your summer if you dont get an internship

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    What kind of things can you that would look better than working at Mcdonalds all summer. Are there any jobs you can get that arent really internships but still look pretty descent on a resume?
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    Dr Transport

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    I ran a paint crew for a local school district for 5 years, it showed that I could handle management tasks along with scheduling.
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    Of course. Obviously depends what kind of work you're looking to get into? But if you need money, you have the handy option worth considering of working for an office agency. Picking up office experience is always good for a resume, and whilst it's probably not the most exciting of experiences it's invaluable for learning politics...

    Obviously you could ask for some unpaid work in a department too...
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    Tom Mattson

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    In the months prior to each of my undergraduate summers, I would start getting on the phone with Manpower and Adecco.
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    If I don't get anything this summer, I hope to maybe do free academic work at my school.

    For money, I plan on working at school as like Summer Maintenance or something. That would be pretty sweet.
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    The summers that I didn't have an internship, I took summer classes. I managed to get out of the way most of my gen ed requirements, so that I could take extra major classes during the regular semesters.
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    Depends on what type of person you are.....but I framed up large houses and apartment buildings during a summer once, its hard work....but very rewarding(and good money). I think it looks good to most people, because they realize what type of work it is(hard) and these type of employers usually don't take any crap, and expect perfection(and you to be on time),etc.

    However, I'd suggest something easy on the body......as this is very hard work(especially in the summer).
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