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    Accuracy, Fibonacci + Golden Ratio

    I have been curious about this for a while... I'm interested to know if there is any easy way to tell the accuracy of the (n+1)th on the nth term of the Fibonacci series in relation to the golden ratio. I know that as n tends to infinity the ratio tends to the Golden Ratio "Phi" - but is...
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    Weak Measurements

    Noone knows what happened with these experiments they were going to do?
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    Weak Measurements [Broken] Does anyone know what happened with these experiments?
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    Australia is over populated

    Not surprising since near all the world is overpopulated...
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    I'm really bad at English!

    Confused: Don't worry about it, I didn't really do well in English in school and I have no idea what the hell a prepositional phrase, subject-verb agreements and transitive/intransitive vers are. And seriously? You don't need it if you aren't going into linguistics or you're not a professional...
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    What do YOU do

    Yes and your house too.
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    Inertia, Weight, and Friction

    Actually you're right, ice would probably be close enough to be equal but snow... Imagine a small toy car on the snow, it's coefficient would be much smaller then a truck trying to plow through the snow. I'm not sure which would stop first. I think the larger one would still stop later...
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    Why are you here?

    A girl on the net who likes science? As if ;-). On a serious note I love science, which is why I'm here ;-).
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    Inertia, Weight, and Friction

    You get more friction, and thus more resistive force, but since f = ma and f = xmg (where x is the coefficient and g is the acceleration due to gravity, hence mg is weight force which is also = to normal force) thus ma = xmg and a = xmg/m a = xg deacceleration (choosing the deacceleration...
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    Intellegent turn ons?

    I find it hard to imagine someone being more intelligent then me... Sure, knowing more? Okay. But like... learning stuff quicker, understanding concepts easier and making logic jumps easier... I can't imagine it >.>;
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    Why do some people cheat on their partners?

    People cheat because monogamy sucks.
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    Can some one who understands gravity explain this?

    Chris is a crappy magician - Penn and Teller all the way.
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    Where is selfadjoint?

    :'( My message to too short. Edit: Is it bad that I am probably more upset about some physicist that I hardly knew who died then I would be if a family member die? Although I'm not -that- upset, I'm more upset right now then I have been for years.
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    Please verify the authenticity of this law

    I don't think not "knowing" a cause is equal to not having a cause.