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    Relativity vs Newtonian Physics

    I read in a book that relativity and newtonian physics dont work with each other or something like that. Like when Einstein founded Relativity, Newtonian physics were partialy disregarded because newtonian physics didn't account for relativity. Can Newtonian physics be like converted to work...
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    Theory of Everything

    gokul, why dont they work?
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    Einstein's Twin Paradox

    ok so what if the there were engines that fired to slow them down?
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    Theory of Everything

    any opinions on this? i dont think there will be a theory of everything, theres so much in physics that still needs to be discovered. Newton's Laws of motion and gravity, Einstein's theory of relativity, these are backbone scientific discoveries, we cant just disrgard them as false cause they...
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    Einstein's Twin Paradox

    say the rocket had a engine, which produced to get the rocket to go at the speed of light but then it ran out of fuel and the rocket would slow down. what would be the age difference between them? say both were 24 one on earth and one on return journey from a nearby star system.
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    Compatability of physics equations

    I've recently been researching Einstein's Theory of Relativity and the compatability with other physics equations i.e Lorentz Transformations, Schrodingers Equation etc. How do physicists famous or not know that each equation they invent are compatabile with one another? Because some of the...