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    Defeating evolution

    Ryan, Thank you for the reply. You have certainly provided food for thought.
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    Defeating evolution

    Evo, "do some research" is so ambiguous as to be of no value whatsoever. If you are unwilling to address my points beyond a brushoff then don't: leave it to others. To avoid embarrassing myself, perhaps you could suggest what level of understanding is a pre-condition to submitting questions...
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    Defeating evolution

    Evo, Being a non-scientist, especially an evolutionary biologist, without doubt I have many misconceptions. Hence, my post to a biology forum. I was not making statements; the clues are the question mark and the term, "It may be argued..." I'm thankful you are not my doctor. Pythagorean...
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    Man-made vs natural flight

    In simple terms (if possible), why is an aircraft unable to achieve the manoeuvrability of a bird, eg, immediate stop, rapid acceleration, sudden change of direction? I'm guessing it relates to necessary strength and rigidity of the plane's structure, engine power/weight ratio.
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    Theoretical optimisation of foreign exchange strategy

    My apologies for the late response. I'm am far from being a mathematician but I do have experience of the markets. What you are looking for will amount to no better than curve fitting (I presume historic data is used). You could do this on your desktop PC running Excel (petaflops?). There are...
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    Defeating evolution

    Life forms adapt, and thereby strengthen, by countering detrimental influences. Given that man is increasingly less dependent on his (natural) body defence mechanisms, and more reliant on (unnatural) man-made solutions (pharmaceuticals), is it the logical conclusion that the biological...
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    Essential diet

    Which specific foods are vital for long-term health/survival?