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    Relativistic contraction happens which way?

    As is so frequent on this forum, responses provide a great amount of insight and intellectual provocation and this has been no exception, relatively speaking. I absolutely should have been more definitive; I was especially intending to distinguish between what I see as two poles of meaning when...
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    Speed of light exceeded

    What is the equation that defines change in speed versus strength of field? Thanks.
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    Photon's mass is zero?

    Pair production. Positrons and electrons are often spoken of as having mass. So a photon having no mass becomes a produced pair having mass which turn into photons having no mass.........! I'm getting swim-headed!
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    Relativistic contraction happens which way?

    A respected scientist once wisely advised us to make something as simple as possible but not more so. My original posted question went several simples too far. My goal is to contemplate on a theoretical basis the relation of an object's "gross" velocity and the velocity of its constituents as...
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    What was the stupidest thing you've ever done?

    Clicking on this post is certainly a contender.
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    Relativistic contraction happens which way?

    When I accelerate my object it shrinks lengthwise: 1.nose moves back closer to tail OR 2.tail moves forward closer to nose OR 3.both ends move closer to middle OR 4.none of the above ?
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    Increasing fuel efficiency?

    About to leave but thought of one(?) more thing: a cold motor, for several reasons, uses more fuel. Thermostats can wear out to run cold as well as run hot, and a new one can be on the cold side of tolerances: watch the motor temp and you do not want it to always run in the cold area of safe...
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    Increasing fuel efficiency?

    When you put the pedal to the metal the computer gets the message to completely forget about lean economical fuel mixture and go really rich for the most power. (Somebody may have already said that, but this is the English translation.) So, keep your foot out of it except when ubiquitous semi...
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    How can you describe the observing system mathematically?

    Not only do I not understand QP, I do not understand my answer, nor do I understand your question. Are you speaking in an absolute or a relative frame of reference? Wait. Could you repeat the question? At least a very small amount of it?
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    Memory chip poll

    There are some whose greatest ambition is to be a memory expert. And there are some who do not wish to bother to remember something if it can be looked up. Would you prefer to be a memory expert or a creative genius?