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    Centroid of an object in a fluid

    lemme rephrase that, if a object is on the incline say a circular lamina - than the centroid is the height of the object's incline divided by 2? Cheers!
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    Centroid of an object in a fluid

    Hi friends just a quick question, does the centroid of an object change if it is submerged in a fluid and is on an incline? Or indeed does the centroid of an object ever change when in a fluid or inclined? Thanks! Claudius
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    U-tube manometer fluid mechanics

    Hi friends - I'm at a lost on this particular problem which reads: a manometer consists of a U-tube, 7mm internal diameter, with vertical limbs with an enlarged upper end of 44mm diameter. the left-hand limb and the bottom of the tube are filled with water and the top of the right hand limb...
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    Simple fluids pressure question

    Hello friends I am again in need of some asistance, The Question is as follows: The pressure head in a gas main at a point 120 m above sea level is equivalent to 180 mm of water. Assuming that the densities of air and gas remain constant and equal to 1.202 kg m^-3 and 0.561 kg m^-3...
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    Engineers bending equation

    Hello friends, a question about the engineers bending equation, M/I = E/R = (sigma)/y so take for example a beam with a rectangular cross section with depth 'b'. Will y then equal b/2 ? As y is measured from the neutral axis? Thank you in advance for your time, Claudius
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    Slow test taker?

    Who cares what other people think? You say you're doing well. I don't see an issue here. Different strokes for different folks.
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    How much would you pay to see Pacquiao vs. Mayweather?

    This would be a great fight. Pacman's offensive ability v Floyd's defensive prowess. If it does happen though the event would be atleast a year off :(.
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    How much would you pay to see Pacquiao vs. Mayweather?

    $50 - That is the market price, but if we are talking about my limit I would proabbly go $100. Is this fight happening soon is it? oh btw I prefer to watch from comfort of my home - you'd have to pay me to go to the stadium.
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    Castigliano's Theorem on Curved Beams

    Hi thanks for the reply, is that (bh)^3/12 or b (h^3/12)
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    Castigliano's Theorem on Curved Beams

    Can you solve for I any other way - other than using that equation without vertical deflection and or horizontal deflection?
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    Second moment of area: I

    Hello my friends, so I am once again confused :frown: Is the second moment of area a universal property of a beam i.e the beams cross section? So what i mean to say is - if i have a beam and it is curved with a rectangular cross section, and take this same beam and ensure it to be now straight...
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    Castigliano's Theorem on Curved Beams

    If i wanted to calculate I in this problem would it simply be as follows: I = (pi*P*R^(3)) / (2E) ? and thus substituting values in if we take E = 69 GPa R = 150 mm P = 0.1 N we get I = 1.28 *10^(-14)m^(4) The answer i get in my textbook however reads - 1.63*10^(-28)m^4 Am i...