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    Contributing to research

    Good point. I only bring this up because I do know that there is a market for it out there.
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    Contributing to research

    I am someone who likes to come up with new algorithms. Is there a platform to exchange such ideas. Any mailing lists to advance computer science? Perhaps there are programs that accept new algorithms. Sorry if this is a vague post but this is a broad topic.
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    Should musicians be shamed for liking pop music?

    We need to be strict and define pop music as popular music. I see nothing wrong with liking music that is popular at the time. 70's, 80's 90's, does it really matter?
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    The Future of Data Science

    A I will need to become better at mining the large amount of data to give the end user the correct result. The amount of data will become staggering. More staggering then now, that is.