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    Help solving problem involving inequalities

    Will this way work?: |x-y| < (2-x^s)/2 Substitute sqrt (2) for x, and you get sqrt (2) - y < 0 - y < - sqrt (2) y > sqrt (2) y^2 > 2 _____________________________________ sqrt (2) - y > 0 - y > - sqrt (2) y < sqrt (2) y^2 < 2 So therefore, y^2 does not equal 2, and you get your...
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    Square Root of a Negative Number?

    My 9th grade math teacher failed me on a square roots test because instead of saying "No solutions" for the square root of a negative number, I wrote "Imaginary". It's horrible how teachers can't just tell the class "Imaginary means no rational solutions".
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    Salt water connection

    Try adding Alligator clips to both ends of the split wire, and attach a paper clip to the ends of the Alligator clips, which are opposite the wire (Assuming a 2-way alligator clip). Then, put the paper clips in the water, and make sure the wire does not touch the water. Also, try increasing...
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    Keen amateur, could someone help me

    Perhaps because if one goes back in time, before the time machine has been invented, they could end up causing a chain of events that causes the machine to not be invented. If the machine was never invented, the time-traveler never moved back in time, and you get a paradox. It's a lot like the...
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    LHC question

    Yeah, but wouldn't it have been nice to find an easy way without a lot of complexities? Well, hopefully the LHC will start firing in May without any more structural issues.
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    Studying Is studying too much bad?

    I would recommend that you take probably 30 minute breaks and do whatever you want, so that you don't get burnt out. If you do get burnt out, those next few hours are going to be worthless, since your body is going to be too tired to focus on studies and you'll find yourself most likely going to...
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    Made in China? Danger! Throw it away

    As a fellow Indian, we offer you to buy from the world-famous megacorporation, India Inc. For a limited time only, we are offering discounts on all rotis, samosas, and software packages. So remember, buy from India Inc, the awesome guys o:) On a more serious note, the level of manufacturing in...
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    In the news: Wikipedia and the Pro Wrestler story

    Well, at least they give me something to do on Wikipedia, as I, armed with my mighty wired mouse (with a mouseball) and my callulosed finger, take on the onslaught of the vandals.
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    Liftoff for Ceres and Vesta (July 2007)

    Ooohhh... An Ion Engine.... So, are there any stats out there on the engine? Such as, what fuel it uses, specific impulse and such? And yes, I'm back after not posting for a long, long, long, long time... :biggrin:
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    More stars in the Milky Way or galaxies in the universe?

    More galaxies in the observable universe. Why? As time progresses, we will be able to see more light from the furthest galaxies, numbering in the billions, and steadily increasing, compared to the number of stars in the Milky Way, which are decreasing.
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    Help finding a binocular That is the site of russwalters, who is one of the PF mentors who works on the Astronomy section of these forums. I think he has some tutorials about binocs somewhere on his page.
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    What is at the center of the universe?

    I'm not exactly a PF Mentor, but I do unofficially, and to the best knowledge of russ, do somewhat work with him on questions like these: Yup... Math, and reasoning. Imagine you are on a sphere, and you move in 2d. Eventually, you will move around the sphere, and come back to where you were...
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    First Baby (so excited)

    I'm going to be a bit original and say: Super Congratulation! Hope she joins PF soon.
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    I am just too judgementa

    That is good, in my opinion, since you can probably tell apart people who are good to you, and people who are "playing" with you. You can try to be more like me-more sarcastic.
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    Language/linguistics forum @ PF?

    I come to this forum as a refuge from language... But it would be fun to debate the various parts of grammar on here though.