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    (simple Q) Cutting yourself with substances on your skin.

    something that is more dense will generaly be harder to cut(i think), but if the water reduces the structure in our skin, then it might make it easier. like diamonds are very dense with C, but also have a very strong structure.
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    Hobbit Discovered

    wow, what if this is an example of convergant evolution, not divergent. maybe we dont share a recent common ancestor at all, but the hominid structure offered advantiges for them. Arent there pygmies that live on new zealand or somewhere? wow, intense
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    Rain water good for plants?

    dont forget that rainwater picks up a good amount of CO2 in the air, along with other pollutants(they're everywhere now, thank you very much mr. industrial revolution) and may lower the pH. whether or not this has an adverse effect on people or plants or even hair is up to someone else to...
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    Selfish genes

    yes, natural selection is survival(with reproduction) of the most fit(superior)... and by the way..., why would an egg want another egg unless,:surprised our genes are alive!!!!!!Run, o no, they're everywhere!!!:surprised
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    Origin of viruses which cause hemmoragic fevers?

    so where do the animals get it from? well what are virus's first of all? Lumps of DNA or RNA encolsed in a protien. Some may have further envelopes but notall so lets disregard that. Maybe new viruses originate from older virus's misfunctionings. If a virus "takes over" the processes of a...
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    Mechanism of meiotic drive

    just a thought.... what if the certain centromere and the specific meiotic spindle had protiens analogous to each other, maybe not protien at all though because chromatids and eukaryotic DNA in general are all bound to the histone protein(correct me if i'm wrong please). Just like some...
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    Waking reflexive rapid eye movement

    i understand how youre feeling, like, helpless right? i dont remember if ive ever had this waking REM, but ive sure as heck daydreamed and hallucinated without any reason. Our brains are wierd things and i dont think we should try to conciously mess with or exploit the unconcious actions...
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    Humans unique to the universe?

    Why do people want to survive and live longer then? Not to reproduce and pass on our genes, that cannot be what drives us because once we are unable to(too old,ect) we wish to live anyway. In that sense we would mate and then be useless to the human race, except to help the younger ones to...