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    When the Rational Root Theorem Fails

    The quartic formula! Didn't you learn it in school? :p
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    Oscillation in Dynamic Models

    There are many cycles with oscillatory convergence, with the limit actually a limit cycle. The hailstone sequences come g to mind. @chiro
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    Oscillation in Dynamic Models

    Oscillations in this case are more often called orbits
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    What exactly allows a differential relation form of an equation?

    For f not a function of y or theta, dy= fdθ Then its just symbol pushing.
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    Professional Help Needed-Elementary Number Theory

    Is it really ALL? That makes this far more interesting. Mind linking a paper or something?
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    Zeros of f(x) vs. Zeros of f'(x)

    If f is a polynomial with all roots of multiplicity one, then the derivative does not have a zero in common with f. To see this, express f factored, use product rule for derivatives.
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    An identity of Ramanujan's

    I'm pretty sure it is infinite. Good luck, ram was a beast
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    Indefinite Integration of function's like log(cos(x))?

    I think this guy gets the u= x-pi/2 treatment. symmetry :)
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    Principal curvature used in a contact problem

    Curvature is the reciprocal of the radius. Is that what is confusing you?
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    Mad with this!

    If the sum is divisibleby abc what does that say about the terms
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    If F is ANY field then (x^m-1)|(x^n-1) in F[x] if and only if m|n.

    Ok aassuming they are: Perform division, paying attention to the form of the powers you get for the quotient
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    Lim x to 0 x*sin(1/x)

    I thought it was easily inferred...
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    Prime numbers : a math question for the pro

    A lot of modern analytic number theory advances are being made using hardy's major and minor circle (arc?) Technique, but most advances just seem to be bounds improvements
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    Hi, I m trying to find out, what is imaginary unit/number. i^2

    On the quaternion bit, any purely imaginary unit quaternion is a root of -1. Also they are 4D not 3 : p