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    How much biology as a computer/electrial engineer?

    My university (UMass) requires "Biology I" as a graduation requirement for all majors. The EE/CSE department doesn't require any chemistry courses, although I took Chemistry I and II out of personal interest.
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    Schools Engineering college rankings

    I go to UMass Amherst for Electrical Engineering. It seems huge at first, but like anything you get used to it quickly. I don't know your situation or where you live in Massachusetts, but the best bet for a quality education is a suburban Community College (I went to Greenfield Community...
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    Calculus II and what to watch out for.

    Depending on your school, Calculus II can cover quite a breadth of material. There is the first phase where you cover all the basic methods of integration for various functions, and then you crash head on through sequences/series, methods for testing convergence, introductory ODEs, and even...
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    Programs Am i a pathetic math major who just doesn't see it yet?

    Excellent point - one that I discovered in a class this semester when I received my first D on an exam. In my case it was a recursive sorting algorithm. I could take the code from the text and modify it to work any way that I needed, but when asked to write it from scratch with pen and paper...
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    Post your Spring 2010 schedule!

    I'm taking it easy this semester... (Although I also work 45 hours/week and commute). Hardware Organization & Design Circuit Analysis II w/Lab Technical Writing In Engineering Design Project [1cr] Have my four semesters of Calculus & Linear done, so I can relax a bit.
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    Engineering Is it hard to find a job in engineering if you started at a 2 year college and then

    I think the more interesting question to ask is how employers stack a C student from a "Top 10" school versus an A student from your-state U. Experience you gain through part-time work, internships, and co-op programs makes a huge difference as well. If you've worked for a company already...
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    Taking Two Math Classes Simultaneously

    I took Calculus II and Linear Algebra at the same time. I got A-'s in both, but it was a lot of work! I'd rate the math courses I took as follows... (from most to least time consuming) 1. Linear Algebra (w/proofs) 2. Calculus II 3. Differential Equations 4. Multivariate Calculus 5...
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    How important is fall of freshman year?

    Haven't read all the posts, but figured I'd put this factoid in. A friend of mine in his Junior year of Chemical Engineering recently got a 23/100 on his Fluid Dynamics midterm. Turned out to be a B... :rolleyes: ----- I also question these "proofs" that you're doing. Learning Calculus with...
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    Bad grades Help

    Just do it the way the professor/TA wants. They decide what they want to see and what they give for marks. If they ask for answers on blue construction paper with silver ink, hit the arts and crafts store. What really gets irritating is when the professor doesn't even bother to follow...
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    Comp. Engineering Breakdown

    I think "Software Engineer" is more of a job title than a major. I could be wrong, but I don't think many schools offer engineering degrees in software. I'm also pretty sure that you can't get a P.E. license as a professional with a degree in "Software Engineering" (at least not in the...
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    Comp. Engineering Breakdown

    Computer Engineering is a blend of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. In place of physics-heavy courses that EE's take (such as Fields & Waves, or Semiconductor Devices & Materials) you will take courses such as Network Engineering and Intensive Software Integration. As a senior you...
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    Electrical Computer Engineering Advice, Searching for Answers

    To supplement my previous post, EE is one of the primary four engineering degrees that most employers look for as an undergraduate foundation (according to my University that is). The others being Civil, Mechanical, and Chemical. From these general foundations you should then specialize in...
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    Looking for a high level book on projectile physics?

    What about projectiles do you want to focus on? I imagine there is quite a bit involved with even the most "minor" aspect of projectiles - more than you could probably cover in a semester anyways.
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    Electrical Computer Engineering Advice, Searching for Answers

    Sounds like computer engineering would be more up your alley if you're specifically interested in computers rather than electronics and applied electromagnetics in general. If you're interested in hardware as well as software, you should probably stick with electrical/computer engineering...
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    Engineering Free Career Advice to Aspiring Engineers (you get what you pay for!)

    I read all of it. Sounds like great advice. I'm a Junior in EE.